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What are the 5 levels of performance?

5World Class

A company like Level 4 who in addition has savvy, enlightened senior management teams and world-class supplier diversity professionals.


Organizations whose supplier diversity initiative aligns with their strategy, structure, and culture.


The gateway to Advanced and World-Class processes. However, a lack of alignment between supplier diversity and key initiatives, such as strategic sourcing and marketing, continues to present roadblocks to progress.


Companies whose only objective is to satisfy customer requirements or respond to a lawsuit or other organizations who are just passing through.


Organizations with Level 1 programs are those that have made a recent decision to embrace supplier diversity, and are now examining how supplier diversity can fit into their business model.


Companies and institutions at Level Zero have no functional supplier diversity program in place and there are no signs that this condition will change.

The "Gold Standard" by which corporations measure their supplier diversity initiatives.